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Mordreth's Review
This is a very appealing deck with a lot of visual detail which would, Im sure, reward close study. What struck me first about these cards is that the physicality of all the figures in this deck ...

"Tarot Chest is such a great site; no other site has service quite like it; incredibly fast and incredibly personalised and they will always..."
- Le Fanu, Lisbon.

Silver Era Tarot 

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Publisher's Description:

Art photography brings life to a classic subject in this stylishly functional Tarot card deck. Black and white images of grace and beauty highlighted with a single color accent on each card draw the reader into a world of charming antiquity rarely seen and experienced in Tarot today. An accompanying handbook describes each card and its meaning (right side up and reverse), along with basic spread-reading information. The images takes the reader on a journey that mirrors life via a central-theme character. Explore the splendor, energy, and magnificence of Tarot. This deck will serve as a great addition for collectors, professionals, and novices alike.

Majors: Traditional naming; Strength is VIII, Justice XI
Minors: Scenic pips
Suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles
Courts: Page, Knight, Queen, King

Creator/Artist: Russell J Moon/Aunia Kahn
Publisher: Schiffer
Number of Cards: 78
Card Dimensions: Approx. 8 x 13 cm
Instructions: LWB
ISBN: 9780764334382
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