Tarot of the Princesses


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Princesses in stories, myths, and history face a multitude of situations. In this exquisite deck, we learn the stories of these unique women and they become real. No longer distant princesses of forgotten tales, we feel their trials and triumphs, and we are inspired. Their stories become deeply personal and touch the princess within the heart of each of us.

Majors: Traditional naming; Justice is VIII, Strength XI
Minors: Scenic pips
Suits: Wands, Chalices, Swords, Pentacles
Courts: Knave, Knight, Queen, King

Creator/Artist: Floreana Nativo/Severino Baraldi
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo
Number of Cards: 78
Card Dimensions: 12 x 6.6 cm
Instructions: LWB in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German

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