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Mordreth's Review
Lo Scarabeo’s Egyptian Tarot is a visually attractive deck, and I love the Pyramid of Identity spread offered in the LWB. Apart from my amazement that a large publishing house such as Lo Scarabeo...

"As many said before me, the fast delivery and quality is amazing! Thank you very much, Tarot Chest. Will definitely recommend this site to..."
- Marissa, The Netherlands

Sol Invictus : The God Tarot 

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GOD. Many faces, many forms, many mysteries...

At last the traditional Tarot archetypes are expressed and explored through the esoteric myths, fantastical tales, true stories, and age old legends of the Divine Masculine.

Sol Invictus : The God Tarot provides priceless information and original artwork to guide you into the vibrant tapestry of universal mythic motifs as expressed in the tales of Gods, heroes, saints, and figures from history, legends and folklore. Here, the Sol Invictus Tarot introduces all-male deities to the archetypal world of the Tarot for the first time, mingling the timeless wisdom of mythical themes with the practicality and beauty of the Tarot.

This set includes:
- 78 original and fully illustrated, colourful tarot cards
- An in-depth companion guide that includes interpretations and symbolism, and 10 revealing layouts for successful tarot spreads.

By Kim Huggens & Nic Phillips
Published by Schiffer Publishing
78 cards plus book
Cards approx. 125 x 75 mm
ISBN: 978-0-7643-2761-2
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