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Mordreth's Review
Anyone who loves the world of magical and fantastical beings will quickly fall in love with this deck: there are just so many beautiful cards in it! Too many to want to name any really, but Iíll...

"This site is awesome. Not least the inclusion of postage in the prices - it makes the "can I afford it" thing that much easier.... It is..."
- Furry

Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck and Book Set 

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Step Into the Magical World of Your Dreams

Imagine strolling through a dark wood, the silver moonlight bathing your path in an ethereal glow. Now is the time to call upon your intuition and explore hidden realms of imagination and creativity. What secret messages do your dreams hold?

Acclaimed tarot author Barbara Moore presents an essential introduction to card-reading, insightful interpretations of each card's significance, and introspective questions to guide your journey. Perfect for both traditional and intuitive readings, the Mystic Dreamer Tarot invites you to enter a mystical world of personal exploration.

By Heidi Darras
Includes book by Barbara Moore
Published by Llewellyn
ISBN: 9780738714363
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[02/12/2011] Cazzie's Review
The Mystic Dreamer Deck & Book Set are really great, as the cards are very easy to read - though the detail on some cards i found quite small,-nonetheless a wonderfull deck with soft misty effects on most of the Major cards capturing an almost surreal moment, The Minor Arcana has lovely pictures & the court cards are almost talking to you, thankfully making them easier to read..! the borders have an antiquated 'rustic golden color parchment window' giving the cards a good old fashioned worn & well used look, this is a wonderfull deck that captures the Imagination- & wakens the Intuition, Yes every picture does tell a story!
Barbara Moore is one of my favorite Tarot authors, Barbara simplifys Tarot like a breath of fresh air & I found the book a wonderfull companion to the cards- describing Tarot spreads/card meanings so well- I enjoyed doing the little Intuition Tests that Barbara came up with on all of the cards- This is a super book with so much in it that makes for compelling reading.. & i would recommend this Kit to either learners or more advanced readers. A Must have & worth every penny !


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