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Mordreth's Review
The suit of Swords with the dragonflies featured throughout on the handle of each of the swords is what really caught my eye when I first looked through this deck, and is still what I love most about...

"thank you for supplying a wonderful service. The quality of goods and delivery are great. Keep up the good work. I will always come to you..."
- Mrs J F Thomas, Derbyshire

Faerie Tarot Premier Edition 

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Faerie Tarot invites you to see the world in a delightful new way. This original deck offers fresh interpretations of traditional tarot, with vibrant art blending fantasy, whimsy, and nature. Every card comes to life with exquisite details, and charming motifs inspired by the four seasons.

By Nathalie Hertz
Published by US Games
78 cards
Approx. 120 x 90 mm
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[12/10/2011] Mordreth's Review
This 2008 deck is as light and bright and bursting with every imaginable colour as Nathalie Hertz’s earlier Vampire Tarot is dark and powerful. I love both these decks: the difference between them is certainly a strong testament to the richness of Nathalie Hertz’s creative genius. As in her earlier deck, Hertz has paid the same attention to detail in both the Major and Minor Arcana, including the too often unimaginative depictions on the Court Cards. There is also often both a gentle humour, a distinct quirkiness, in many of the cards. At the same time, as with her Vampire Tarot, many of the images so effectively capture the essence of interpretations immediately recognizable to anyone familiar with the Waite-Coleman Smith deck as to be easy to read from intuitively, pretty much immediately.

Among my personal favourites in the Major Arcana are The Empress who is accompanied by some very magickal-looking owls; The Chariot which is an under-water scene featuring two splendid seahorses pulling a shell-chariot with a faerie at the reins; Strength (card VIII) featuring a young faerie and a lion cub, both asleep with the young faerie’s arm resting on the lion cub’s back; The Hermit, an ancient faerie who appears to be deep in meditation or perhaps a light trance; Justice (card XI) who has two tiny dragons being weighed up on her scales; The Hanged Man who is reaching towards a large strawberry that’s just beyond his reach; and The Tower, a giant toadstool (red with white spots, of course) with a broken stem. The Moon and The Sun both feature large expressive faces; and The Devil is a fun-loving individual with none of the heavy Christian suggestions of hellfire and damnation. In the LWB, Hertz says “the Devil is not a card of evil” and describes her representation on this card as “a proud imp with his tongue sticking out (who is) a rascal and a joker demon (who) enjoys the good things in life such as food, material goods, parties and pleasures of the flesh”. The possible over-attachment to the material is still implicit within the image but does not drown out the positive aspects of life on the earth plane as do all too many cards representing this archetype.

If these descriptions have whetted your appetite, you’ll just have to buy the deck so that you can savour the delights of all these cards at your leisure. As is the case with Nathalie Hertz’s The Vampire Tarot, the 48 page LWB accompanying this deck – all in English – is again excellent, and specific to this deck, thereby providing ample support for anyone wanting to use this deck.

[13/04/2009] Anon's Review
This Tarot deck is the most beautiful, colourful and readable decks by the very talented Hertz! I have all 3 of her decks and The Faerie Tarot bumped her Vampire Tarot out of its 1st place for me : ).

The images are bursting with colour! Every shade one can imagine. Each suit of the minor arcana follows a season, so each suit has distinct coloura. My favurite is Autumn (Wands)...Hertz captures the melancholy sweetness of Autumn so well. Swords are Winter with gorgeous deep blues and snowflakes. Cups are Spring with scentful flowers and growing life. Pentacles are Summer with all their ripeness and richness. I personally have always followed a different interpertation of the suits and seasons....but Hertz does such a wonderful depiction in the cards that is was no issue at all to awitch and use these cards. I love how every card has a different vibrant colour, but they really compliment each image....you can tell whoever chose the border colours to match up with the scene was doing it with attention and eye for detail.

They are a bit wider and shorter than average size cards, and they shuffle sweetly in your hands. I love this size! The backs are a stunning mix of dark and shaded blues, dusky white and a butter cream yellow. They remind me greatly of French County style!

The minors are each and every one gorgeous. I especially love The High Priestess and the subtly gothic and dark Empress and Emperor pair.

This deck reads very fluidly and intuitively. The images speak clearly and gently....very magical! I've gotten some insightful and amazing readings since I've been using this deck almost everyday for 6 months. It's a firm favourite now! The little white book included is much better than most. She goes into pretty good detail of the scene, detail and symbols of every card and what the arcana might mean or protray as a jumping off point for your intuition.

I absolutely completely love and adore faeries and IMO this the BEST and most beautiful Faerie tarot now available to buy right now! I'm so happy Hertz took her time, love and talent to create this enchanting journey with the fae...thank you!

If you love faeries, more whimsical style Tarots but still want a deep hard hitting reading deck....you will not be disappointed, order with glee = )


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