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Mordreth's Review
Currently ₤13.95 on Amazon, at ₤4.49 in The Tarot Chest Specials, these attractive Greenwood Pendants are an absolute bargain, so if one – or more - of the designs appeals to you, jump in...

"This site is awesome. Not least the inclusion of postage in the prices - it makes the "can I afford it" thing that much easier.... It is..."
- Furry

Tarot Stripped Bare DVD 

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Unleash your intuition with Tarot Stripped Bare - the quickest and smartest way to become a Tarot reader!

After watching the DVD just once, you'll be able to do simple three card readings for yourself and others - without having to look anything up. You'll understand all the different types of cards that make up a tarot deck and what they represent, and you'll know how to handle, shuffle and lay the cards out.

This fun and informal DVD takes you step-by-step along the first part of your Tarot journey, showing you real readings by real readers (not psychics!)

"Tarot Stripped Bare is an extremely basic but encouraging introduction to tarot reading. Recommended for complete newcomers to the concept of reading the cards, who might be bit daunted by the concept that they could read the cards for themselves, or thought tarot might be too hard or boring to learn from books." - Solandia, Aeclectic Tarot

"There are so, so many products on the market today which offer the basic teaching of the Tarot, but I haven't found anything quite as practical as the Tarot Stripped Bare DVD" - The Tarot Channel

“BUY THIS: Get to grips with the tarot with this easy, step-by-step DVD. Tarot Stripped Bare shows you how to interpret the cards, how to choose a deck, how to lay them out and pick up clues – you’ll be doing a reading in no time.” - Prediction Magazine, February 2008

Runtime: 42 minutes plus Special Features section which includes meanings for all 78 cards and ten bonus layout spreads.

Region 0, PAL formatbeginner
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