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Mordreth's Review
At this stage, D.J. Conway’s 70 page LWB is the only book available covering the specifics of all the cards in this stunningly beautiful and magickal deck. Fortunately, being a US Games Systems...

"Tarot Chest is without doubt one of the best Online shops I've ever used. Great choice of products and prompt delivery. I am so impressed! "
- Laura, West Yorkshire

Druid Animal Oracle Deck and Book Set 

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The Druid Animal Oracle is an oracular system based on the totem animals of Druidry. The book gives a wealth of folklore, myth and interpretations for each animal and gives both oracular spreads and ways of working with power animals that can act as guides, allies and healers.

By Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm
Illustrated by Bill Worthington
Published by Connections
33 cards plus book
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[25/09/2011] Mordreth's Review
A wonderful deck which will enable you to connect more strongly with the sacred animals of the Druid tradition, blackbird, hind, stag, bear, fox, owl, frog, wolf, the four dragons connected with the elements of water, earth, air and fire, the hare, the salmon – and many more. The guidebook gives you all that you need to start using these cards immediately, telling you each of the animals’ Gaelic names, the qualities that this animal – as a spirit guide – can teach you and how to work with the cards. The artwork is superb as is the quality of the cards themselves. Created by the same authors and illustrator as the Druid Craft Tarot and the Druid Plant Oracle, these cards obviously also work brilliantly with either or both of those decks. And if working in this tradition inspires in you a yearning for a deeper understanding of Druidry, I'd recommend the recently published "The Path of Druidry: Walking the Ancient Green Way", which has a Foreword by Philip Carr-Gomm. It offers a really practical course of study for those of us living in a twenty-first century urban environment, one that will help you connect even more deeply with any of these Druid decks. Although not Druidic, I’d also recommend Steven Farmer’s CD “Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guide”, in which he guides you on otherworld journeys, where you can meet your animal spirit guides.


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