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From the creator:
The Prairie Tarot comes out of my own experiences growing up in Montana. My background is in the tiny towns on wide plains, next door to Canada, next door to North Dakota - wheat fields, oil derricks, cattle ranches, wheat and flax farms, railroads, cactus - the Big Sky country, where it's gravelly, scraped by glaciers, dry, and windy. Each card image is condensed out of that. My area was only settled in 1880, following the establishment of a Reservation which, incidentally, borders the family farm. My great-grandfather was the first settler in the area.

Included in the Prairie Tarot is an extra card: the Jackalope. A creature rarely seen, this jackrabbit wearing an antelope's horns embodies the fantastic, the unexpected, the surprising…. It can signify luck, a bolt from the blue, or the crazy gamble.

By Robin Ator
Published by GlowInTheDark Pictures llc
79 cards in lidded box (no booklet)

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