The Tarot Playbook: 78 Novel Ways to Connect With Your Cards


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Do you wish you understood your Tarot cards better? The Tarot Playbook can help. Effortlessly bond with your cards by playing your way through its combination of games, activities, and what-if readings. Practice the ancient art of Taroga. Predict the weather. Try your hand at genetic engineering! With The Tarot Playbook you can explore your deck's distinctive personality, broaden your reading skills, and mine your imagination and intuition – all without the pressure of "serious" study.

Connect with each and every Tarot deck you own – yes, even those buried at the back of the drawer. Never again struggle with a new deck that doesn't speak your language. With its humorous style and pick ‘n' mix structure, this is one companion book you'll want to use with every deck you acquire.

What they're saying about The Tarot Playbook:

“This book saved my life!” ~ The Hyperbolic Tarot

“The silliest tarot book ever written. I highly recommend you avoid it like the plague.” ~ The Stuffed Shirt Tarot

“Since my shuffler bought this book, everything has been sunshine and rainbows between us.” ~ The Tarot of Utter Loveliness

By Lynda Cowles
Published by Schiffer
176 pages with 78 colour images
ISBN: 9780764339882

Since we're on first name terms with the author, if you'd like her to sign the book just let us know after ordering.

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The Tarot Playbook: 78 Novel Ways to Connect With Your Cards Reviews

A brilliant book. It's very serious at the same time as giving the reader giggle after giggle. I don't see how anyone can fail to become a better reader if you do at least some of the exercises - and they all look very inviting! Hearty congratulations (and thanks!) to Lynda for putting it all together. HilsAnon
Hi Lynda, My Tarot Playbook arrived on Saturday and I haven't put it down since. Thank you so much, this book is brilliant and just what I have been looking for. Who wants to sit for hours studying all the symbolism and trying to remember card meanings when you can have lots of fun with this book and bond with your cards at the same time? I really hope other tarotists enjoy it as much as I do xsltgizmo

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