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Mordreth's Review
Angels and rose quartz: what a natural and brilliant pairing! Rose quartz is certainly one of the better known crystals, probably most well-known both for its gentle, soothing qualities and for its...

"Tarot Chest is such a great site; no other site has service quite like it; incredibly fast and incredibly personalised and they will always..."
- Le Fanu, Lisbon.

Secret Language of Birds Tarot 

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Publisher's Description:

Birds were once considered to be messengers from the Gods to humankind, and the Tarot was once called "...the game of Gods and Birds." Ancient societies all over the World set great store by their Augurs, who were experts at divination by analysis of birds. These magical magician-priests had the skills to interpret the flight patterns and behavior of birds in order to translate the desires of their Deities. Every bird in this beautifully illustrated 78-card deck has been carefully chosen for its relationship to each Tarot card, and uses mythology, folklore, and legend, as well as the natural characteristics of each bird, to underline that connection. We invite you to fly into the world of magic as you learn the secret language of birds.

Majors: Traditional structure; titles in Italian; no numbering
Minors: Non-scenic pips; roman numerals
Suits: Bastoni (Wands), Coppe (Cups), Spade (Swords), Denari (Pentacles)
Courts: Queen, King, God, Goddess

Creator/Artist: Adele Nozedar/Linda Sutton
Publisher: Schiffer
Number of Cards: 78
Card Dimensions: 14.3 x 10.2cm
Instructions: 208-page book in English
ISBN: 9780764339004
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