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Mordreth's Review
An interesting deck embracing a wealth of occult wisdom, these cards are not for the faint-hearted or indeed for anyone new to Tarot and without at least a working knowledge of the fundamentals of...

"thank you for supplying a wonderful service. The quality of goods and delivery are great. Keep up the good work. I will always come to you..."
- Mrs J F Thomas, Derbyshire

Wildwood Tarot 

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Publisher's Description:
For many people today, woodlands are the last vestiges of an ancient world in which we had our beginnings. Such places are full of archetypal beings, from the more familiar Robin Hood to the shadowy Green Man. To walk in the wildwood is to take a journey back to the time where deep ancestral wisdom still resides, and where our partnership with these characters and creatures is as natural as breathing.

Based on the seasonal rhythms and festivals of the ancient year, THE WILDWOOD TAROT draws its inspiration from pre-Celtic mythology, placing mystical archetypes into a nature-based system rich in shamanic wisdom and forest lore. The forces of the deck act as both guides and interpreters, taking us on a spiritual, mystical and psychological journey deep into the labyrinth of primal Earth rites.

By Mark Ryan, John Matthews, and Will Worthington
Published by Connections
78 cards plus 160-page book
7.5 x 12 cm
ISBN: 9781402781063
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